Premium Forage

Even the best breed of cattle can be short-changed by a poor quality feed. For this reason we strive to provide our cattle with lush pastures rich in the most nutritious grasses available. After much research, we settled upon Coastal Bermudagrass. This species of grass is much more difficult to establish and maintain than other more popular – but lower quality – grasses. The extra effort is worth it to ensure that our cows receive the best feed available!

With our intense focus on providing the finest forage, our grasses are capable of withstanding intense grazing without a decrease in quality. In fact, Coastal Bermudagrass does best when exposed to high grazing pressure with short grazing rotations, a practice that has allowed up to keep our cows moving from pasture-to-pasture without supplementing their diets with grasses or grains from other farms.

We also use annual grasses and legumes to supplement our cows’ diets. We keep one of our pastures in rotating annual feed; in the winter we grow and harvest our own ryegrass and clover while in the summer we plant pearl millet. These grasses allow us to keep our cows healthy throughout the year, and using our own field to grow these crops lets us keep the growing process up to our very rigorous standards!