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Beef from Romagnola and Roma-Crosses are perfectly suited for pasture finishing. While a typical commercial beef cow will have up to two inches of useless back fat, careful breeding and raising practices allow our Romagnola cows to have, on average, no more than ¼ inch. Despite the leanness of our herd, the meat itself is delicately laced with finely-flecked marbling. Combine these characteristics with the natural tenderness that goes with the finer and evenly spaced muscle fibers and… Bellissimo! A perfect, healthful, and flavorful grass-fed beef offering!

The origins of our Romagnola breed go very far back to the aurochs of the Bronze Age, but more recent ancestors of the breed were used as draft animals due to their solid structure and study legs. Our herd has taken these qualities and expanded upon them to create a valuable lineage of Romagnola and Roma-Crosses on our farm.

While many cattle farms will buy just about any cow at the salebarn, we take the time to hand select each animal to guarantee a perfect balance between beef traits and breeding traits. Though not an easy task, we are happy to take on this endeavor to produce a special product, building upon the demonstrated quality of the Romagnola breed using proven breeding methods to create a superior finished product!