Why Solo Verdi?

Superior Genetics

We work to maintain a herd with ideal genetic composition. Our cows can be linked to a subspecies of Bos primigenius taurus – the long-horned aurochs that roamed Eastern and Central Europe during the Bronze Age!

Premium Forage

At Solo Verdi we like to say that we are actually just grass farmers. Just like any other farmed product, the value of our grass is dictated on the plant type and quality of care. Our Coastal Bermudagrass is the forage of choice for subtropical coastal climates. It requires more care than many other grasses, but it’s worth the effort to produce the best forage possible!

Humanely Raised

Our farm has always maintained the highest standard of care for our cows. Our open pastureland allows the family herd plenty of space to roam. As a smaller farm, we are able to attend to each individual animal very closely and can guarantee the quality of life of each of our cows!

Dry Aged

There are many different ways to age meat – all of which increase the tenderness of the finished product – but dry-aging is the best choice for creating an aromatic and flavorful cut of beef. In dry-aging, water evaporates from the meat, reducing the weight by as much as 20 percent and concentrating the flavor into each intensely tasty bite!