Solo Verdi cows are genetically superior, raised humanely in local Lowcountry pastures on premium forage and then dry-aged to perfection. Now you can enjoy the same superior quality beef usually found only in fine butcher shops and high-end farm-to-table restaurants. You will taste and feel the difference!

Superior Genetics

Unique Romagnola and RomaCross lineage make for naturally tender, delicately marbled beef

Premium Forage

Lush Coastal Bermuda grasses and seasonal annual grasses and legumes provide nutritious feed

Humanely Raised

No inhumane confinement with plenty of open space, sunshine, and room to roam


Enhanced flavor and naturally more tender than traditionally aged beef

What's In a Name?

Solo Verdi – it means 'only green' in Italian!

No, we don't claim to speak the language, but we can trace our cattle back to their ancestors in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy!

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